Least Restrictive

Returning to the Least Restrictive School Environment is our Goal.

New Alliance Academy has a short term track that facilitates re-integration into public or private school as early as possible.

One of the most important transitions a student can make is a return to a least restrictive educational setting — back to his or her district high school or another private school. That is one of the foremost goals of our highly personalized therapeutic and educational plans.

During their time at New Alliance Academy, students continue their academic progress at this alternative school placement while they receive emotional support.

Along with their families, students work closely with our trained educators, learning strategists, and clinical professionals, so that when it is time to move back to a least restrictive school environment, the transition will bring as little disruption as possible.

Planning for a Smooth Transition

The placements at New Alliance Academy differ from student to student, depending on each one’s unique issues or status. Our educators and therapists work with each student individually to create patterns of success that build confidence, allow students to address their anxieties and concerns, and with time, prepare them to transition to a larger school environment when they are ready.

Along the way, in individual, family, and group therapy sessions as well as private one-on-one conversations with our Executive Director, Rebecca Oelkers, students have ample opportunity to explore their feelings about being at their home school district vs. learning at New Alliance Academy. We evaluate all relevant clinical markers to determine whether or not a student is ready to function with a high degree of motivation, confidence, and productivity in a least restrictive environment. Our commitment to their education also ensures they complete all the requirements to graduate and earn the high school diploma they deserve.

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