About Transitions

Transition Planning that prepares students for college or employment.

New Alliance Academy prepares high school graduates to be college- and career-ready.

Transition is a community-wide learning activity, whether it involves taking on more responsibility by moving from one grade to the next or continuing to college or career.

New Alliance Academy is devoted to preparing our students for college or employment. We work intensely with students, parents, and college admissions officers to find the best setting for each student.

Working on Transitions in the Classroom

New Alliance Academy offers classroom experiences that reinforce life-building skills. Every class is a collaborative experience that nurtures lifelong skills like teamwork, community problem-solving, literacy, and planning for the future.

In our full-credit Senior Seminar class, students explore future options based on their interests, talents, and favored modes of learning.

Seniors discuss how college and work differ from high school and are made familiar with the basic expectations of employers and professors. Our seniors’ research leads them to answers that fit their own particular circumstances, not the expectations of others.

Senior Seminar also provides practice taking tests, interviewing, compiling a resume and using electronic communications responsibly and articulately.

Work Study and College Courses

New Alliance Academy offers the opportunity for senior students to take courses at local community colleges and also work or intern in the afternoon.

For example, the Bergen Community College “College Experience” invites seniors with a B average or above to enroll in up to two courses per semester. Seniors earn the privilege of driving to the campus or arranging bus transportation to make their first college experience safe and successful.

In our work-study program, seniors can earn credit as well as a salary by getting a job during weekday afternoons. We guide this experience, keeping in close touch with the employer and receiving frequent reports about attendance and work habits.

We are affiliated with the New Jersey Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, which will provide no-cost academic, scholarship and employment services after a student graduates.

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