Restorative Model

Promoting emotional & academic wellness for New Jersey students

In a typical school setting, from time to time, students may stay home because they are having a bad day. To the contrary, our students wish to come to NAA when they are having bad days. They know they will benefit from our therapeutic environment.

New Alliance Academy Therapist

When the journey from childhood to adulthood is complicated by emotional or psychological fragility, high school presents exceptional challenges.

When students are embraced with the right services and support, the likelihood of their success in school — and life — increases exponentially.

New Alliance Academy’s Restorative Model embraces students within an integrated academic and therapeutic environment. Our uniquely integrated approach provides a mix of academic engagement, emotional support, and available medical consultation — all in one building.

Education at New Alliance Academy is a partnership that involves student and family. Psychiatrists, therapists, learning strategists and our certified educational staff, as well as the student’s school district and our community partnerships, surround the student in an ongoing, student-centered process.

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Collaborative Education

Our essential question is, “What do students need to know and be able to do to prepare them for personal, societal and economic success?” These goals require efficient interpersonal skills, so our teachers intertwine traditional methods with new and innovative approaches, teaching subject content plus lifelong skills.

Throughout the school day, students hone their critical thinking, problem solving and communication abilities. In Morning Meeting, through every class and elective, and at our Afternoon Wrap-Up Meeting, New Alliance Academy promotes collaboration, creativity, and imagination.

Student input is sought and respected because this will help develop self-efficacy — the measure of one’s own competence to complete tasks and reach goals. Self-efficacy is about one’s internal compass. When self-efficacy is high, a person is confident about his or her power to affect situations. This feeling of competency is promoted in therapy and also in the classroom and in community activities. Self-efficacy influences both the power a person has to face challenges and the choices a person makes.

At New Alliance Academy we incorporate community learning and modeling because everyone learns best — and increases their self-efficacy — by interacting with and appreciating the styles and talents of others. What is a School Day like at New Alliance Academy?

The typical school day at New Alliance Academy is designed to support the individual student in the context of a traditional high school environment.

Students are both empowered and prepared thanks to a personalized approach. They begin to understand themselves better and gain insights into their own behavior and the complex matrix of emotional, social and academic issues.

The school employs a combination of superb educational programs along with state-of-the-art positive reinforcement tools such as CORE, a rubric for measuring success built around Commitment, Openness, Respect, and Effort. CORE is seamlessly integrated within all aspects of school life, supporting achievement of the Individualized Education Plan goals and more.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

An Individualized Educational Program (IEP) is the guiding document for a student’s educational program. At New Alliance Academy, each student’s IEP is jointly developed and updated at least annually by a team consisting of the student, parents, Child Study Team case manager, teachers, therapists, and administrators.

The IEP begins with an overview summary of the student’s current education status: the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP).

The IEP also includes goals and objectives for academic performance and social-emotional functioning, as well as a plan for transition planning to post-secondary life. The IEP lists specific accommodations, modifications and/or exemptions that a student needs in order to perform successfully.

New Alliance Academy assists school districts in developing and updating IEP’s by providing academic and social-emotional goals and objectives, quarterly progress reporting, and clinical summaries, and detailed summaries of academic achievement and functional performance. Annual IEP review meetings are typically held at New Alliance Academy so that the student, parents, Child Study Team Case Manager and New Alliance Academy staff can all participate.

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