Individual Paths

Offering individualized plans that meet our students’ educational & emotional needs.

No two students follow the same journey. Therefore, the time a student may spend at New Alliance Academy is as individualized as the educational experience.

No two students follow the same journey. Therefore, the time a student may spend at New Alliance Academy is as individualized as her educational experience.

New Alliance Academy offers Three Month, Six Month and One Year+ Tracks. Each of these Tracks is a dynamic, ongoing process that can be modified to meet individual student needs. This individualized approach helps restore hopefulness and fosters a successful educational experience.

The Short Term Track

New Alliance Academy offers a comprehensive Short Term Track specifically designed to offer families and school districts a short-term placement where each student’s educational needs are fully understood in the context of solid therapeutic expertise.

The Short Term Track provides intensive stabilization during the critical time in a student’s recovery. As a result, the transition back to a least restrictive educational environment is less disruptive. Students and families have access to a tailored academic plan and work closely with our trained educators and learning strategists. Students also receive ancillary care from our licensed therapists. Psychiatric consultations are available with an expert physician who provides a unique perspective, and works closely and meets regularly with the educational team. When appropriate, evidence-based medical therapies are recommended to minimize symptoms that would otherwise interfere with learning. All our therapists are licensed clinical social workers with experience in child, adolescent and family counseling.

Entrance to the Short Term Track helps prevent academic deterioration, lengthy absences, and may eliminate the need for eventual hospitalization or partial hospital placement for students experiencing high levels of emotional distress. It provides students with departmentalized academic classes in lieu of the tutoring that is offered in community mental health based programs.

Child Study Teams are offered a comprehensive overview of academic performance, clinical assessments, and linkage, where applicable, to community partners such as Children’s Mobile Response, Youth Case Management and Care Management Organizations.

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