Enrollment Process

New Alliance Academy’s Enrollment Process is simple & flexible.

Each step is an opportunity to highlight the student’s achievements, as well as take into account shifting needs and priorities.

The admissions process is straightforward, simple, and thorough in assessing the student’s individual requirements. Each step is an opportunity to highlight achievements, as well as to take into account shifting needs and priorities so that education and therapy can be fine-tuned as the student grows and changes.

Flexible Admission Time Frame

There is a rolling admission policy. Students who are eligible for out-of-district placement may begin classes at any time during the year.

The Process

Students being considered for admission are first recommended by their school district’s Child Study Team (CST). The CST is a multidisciplinary group of professionals that provides parents and teachers with consultative, evaluative and prescriptive services for students who are experiencing academic difficulties. A typical CST consists of a psychologist, a learning disabilities consultant, a social worker and, often, a speech/language therapist.

Upon recommendation by the CST, the team at New Alliance Academy will review the student’s academic and medical records. The student and his or her family will attend an intake during which the student will meet with the Executive Director and Principal. Students may also be introduced to teachers, learning strategists, and therapists. The initial review, as well as the review of educational and treatment records, will assist the family, student, and school in determining if New Alliance is the best possible educational placement. Our goal is to help students and families make the best decision based on good information and deliberation

Making the best match of school and student is a complex endeavor. New Alliance Academy directors are always available to assist families during the process, from CST review to admission.

Will a student who enters New Alliance Academy graduate from New Alliance Academy?

The emphasis is always on maintaining the student in the least restrictive environment. Some students return to their sending school district or to another private school; others graduate from New Alliance Academy.

Our school offers a unique Short Term Track that facilitates re-integration into public or private education as early as possible.

For the CST…

We are always available to confer about a student. We will help with assessing the student’s experience in school and work cooperatively to decide if New Alliance Academy is the next best step. Case Managers usually send psychological, education and school evaluations to New Alliance Academy to prepare for the intake (see above).

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