Therapeutic Services

Providing extensive ancillary therapeutic support & productive collaboration that benefits our students

Our success is based on a fully integrated approach to academic and emotional growth.

New Alliance Academy is a private New Jersey high school that provides education and ancillary therapeutic services in the same building. This strategy of combining education and therapy facilitates communication between therapists and educators that are often disrupted when they belong to different systems.  The combined strategy also benefits the family as scheduling conflicts are no longer an issue. Our therapeutic staff includes Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Our school recognizes that some students can benefit from medical treatments to improve symptoms that interfere with learning. For this reason, an adolescent psychiatrist is available for consultation. The school has developed a comprehensive approach which incorporates a psychiatric perspective in the understanding of our students’ academic and emotional status.

  • Each student is assigned a therapist and receives twice weekly individual and weekly family therapy.
  • Group therapy takes place daily. Our therapists address the “here and now” of each student’s experiences, both in and out of school. Each student group is facilitated by the same primary therapist the students see individually which allows for ongoing daily support.
  • Our students report that they enjoy the peer support they derive from “group” and develop more positive peer relationships through this process than they often can do in public school.
  • The consulting psychiatrist meets with students as needed to minimize medical symptoms that would otherwise interfere with learning. These psychiatric services do not require additional payments.
  • Support extends beyond the traditional school day, with 24/7 assistance and guidance available during times of crisis.

Coordination of Care

At New Alliance, we strongly believe in the value and importance of coordinated care. Regular team meetings ensure continuing communication among staff members, therapists, and doctors, which we have found is critical to our students’ success—and ours. Through our collaborative approach, we establish and manage positive relationships with community-based providers, as we all work together for the benefit of each student and the family.

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