Academic Curriculums

Tailored curriculum dedicated to meeting the specialized needs for our NJ students.

New Alliance Academy uses a flexible model in which curriculum is tailored for each student.

New Alliance Academy, working closely with the school district, uses a flexible model in which the curriculum is tailored for each student according to their age, educational experience, cognitive abilities and school history. This takes into account areas in which they excel as well as gaps in previous schooling. All academic courses are facilitated by New Jersey Certified teachers and are aligned with the New Jersey Learning Standards.


At New Alliance Academy, we believe in use of an evidence based rotational block that offers variety, sufficient time to delve into interesting and engaging content, and in-depth study that heightens the educational experience of our students.  Each academic course meets four times per week for 50 minutes, with each weekday offering a different schedule.

This research supported approach to learning allows teachers and students to delve into course material, focus on essential questions and thoroughly practice new skills.  The schedule allows for sufficient time to peak interest in the theme of the novel in English class, engage in a debate in history, practice math equations, or complete the lab in science.  New Alliance Academy students develop 21st century learning skills such as inquiry and problem solving that encourage teamwork and respect for the contributions of all.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Students’ interests and talents beyond academics are nourished through electives. Students may also be able to work on independent study projects, participate in work study, take college courses, and travel beyond school boundaries for enrichment opportunities.

All students are encouraged to participate in their school district’s extra-curricular activities, including team and intramural sports.


Students engage in problem solving, reasoning and proof, representation and making mathematical connections. Prior mathematical knowledge is reinforced to enhance fluency. Problem solving helps students see mathematics as sensible and relevant. Courses begin with Pre-Algebra and can extend to Calculus.


We promote thoughtful engagement with literary and informational texts to build knowledge, enlarge experience, and broaden worldviews. Students engage in cogent reasoning and use of evidence that is essential to both private deliberation and responsible citizenship.


Students understand that science is an evidence-based, model building enterprise. Courses include biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics, as well as the electives zoology, anatomy and physiology. All science courses promote active investigation and participation in research groups.

Social Studies

Students think analytically about how cultures, governments, economies, and environments of both past and present shape our heritage as citizens of America and the world. Students value diversity and gain skills to make informed decisions in their communities that reflect core democratic values.

World Languages

Rosetta Stone and Duolingo courses are individualized, self-paced, interactive and aligned with state standards. These online courses are blended with face-to-face one to one mentoring to provide a new technology-rich way of learning. Languages offered include Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Independent Study with Mentor and Community Service

When students find a topic of special interest, New Alliance Academy offers the empowering chance to engage in deeper exploration facilitated by an academic mentor. Special interest topics have included psychology, sociology, and life management skills. Service to the school and the larger community is encouraged and facilitated by the staff.

Physical Education and Health

Students focus on taking personal responsibility for one’s health through an active, healthy lifestyle that fosters a lifelong commitment to wellness. The indoor classes of our P.E. program take place right in our building at Gold’s Gym, to which each student receives a membership.

Driver’s Education

By sophomore year, students are given the opportunity to gain their 30 hours of instruction and take the NJDMV test to obtain their driving learner’s permit.


Afternoons are dedicated to arts and expression, exploration of contemporary topics and independent study with mentors. With an extensive array of electives, students are given the opportunity to explore their talents.

Transitional Services

New Alliance Academy offers professional college counseling centering on junior and senior years.

The guidance counselor supports our students and their parents through the process of choosing and applying to the right college. Our counselor advises students about numerous scholarships and other ways to defray college costs and is available to families throughout the school year.

New Alliance Academy’s transitional services include selection of colleges as well as College Board and/or ACT test accommodations and the PSAT test. New Alliance Academy is a College Board National Test Center.

Our required Senior Seminar includes team-building, leadership skills, practice in resume writing and interviewing and financial literacy and readies our soon-to-be graduates for their next steps.

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