Profile of a Learner/Graduate

Self-Directed Learner- as evidenced by setting goals, accepting responsibility, demonstrating effort, asking effective questions and approaching academic challenges as opportunities for growth.

Effective Communicator – as demonstrated by the ability to express ideas clearly, both verbally and in writing, and to be open to the perspectives of others.  

Critical Thinker – as demonstrated by the ability to gather information, assess and consider the source of the information, analyze, interpret, and make meaningful connections.  

Quality Producer – as evidenced by the motivation to produce quality work that comes through effort, focus and determination.

Community Contributor – as evidenced by establishing an inclusive perspective for working in a diverse world with a sense of collegiality and interest in issues and initiatives that positively impact the larger community.

Upstanding Digital Citizen – as evidenced by an understanding of the need to interact with the cyber community in a manner that is safe, respectful of others, thoughtful and deliberate.