A Therapeutic High School that restores.

Accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Team Approach


New Alliance Academy- A Therapeutic School that offers an Integrative Team Approach.

On their journey, New Alliance Academy students are never alone. There is support every step of the way, every day. That’s because we want every student to recognize that recovery and academic achievement are possible.

CircleArrowsThrough our 360° team approach, we integrate clinically licensed therapists and certified teachers on staff with students, their peers, and their families and build solid, productive relationships with community-based medical and health care providers. It is our core belief that by working together, we help our students achieve the greatest level of academic success and optimal mental health. New Alliance Academy provides a safe environment that nurtures emotional health and interpersonal development so that our students feel supported and can re-focus and re-engage with learning.

  • Our educators and psychiatric professionals work with students and their families to fully understand underlying issues and create an action-based plan in order to begin a path to successful and lasting recovery.
  • The lines of communication are direct, clear, and create better outcomes.
  • Our staff includes board certified psychiatrists and licensed clinical social workers.
  • Another key member of our team is the learning strategist. This professional is dedicated to a small group of students, working with them throughout the day to overcome challenges, such as assisting with academic work or helping them manage their feelings to become successful learners.
  • A consulting psychiatrist provides medication monitoring and management, and bi-monthly therapy sessions.
  • Teachers, therapists, and our learning strategist work together to assess each student’s experience and performance, with the goal of returning the student to his/her home school district or least restrictive learning environment when and if appropriate.

Many Professionals, One Team, Better Outcomes

Our integrative model is much more efficient because all the professionals – educational and therapeutic– are working together as a team, rather than separately. Because of our communication protocol among all team members, we have a higher awareness and sensitivity to our students’ needs which allows us to be more proactive rather than reactive to any student difficulties.

The New Alliance Academy team meets twice a week at our Bergen County high school to ensure student progress is evaluated on a timely basis, academic difficulties are spotlighted more quickly, and social and emotional issues that contribute to classroom performance can be addressed swiftly. The intimate working relationships among our professionals, and between our staff and students, enable our teachers and therapists to tailor lessons and therapy sessions to what’s going on in the here and now for our students.


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